Miniature golf course is a real wonder!
Rinky_Dink_easter_island.jpg (360073 bytes) We were hired to turn the Rinky Dink miniature golf course into a real Wonders of the World attraction.
Arrr!  Thar be pirates on the golf course!
We just finished the new Pirates' Cove miniature golf course in Indianapolis.  We built an entire pirate town!
Come on baby light my fire!

Warm_Glow_4.jpg (380956 bytes)

We constructed a 30' tall candle for Warm Glow Candle Company.  This one is for the record books!
Play area lets kids travel around the world
We designed and constructed a new play area for Madison Park Church of God.  This lets kids take a trip around the world.
The Play Station Droids Have Landed!

The_Playstation_4.jpg (290376 bytes)

We have just finished a new laser tag center in Muncie, Indiana called the Play Station.  Come check it out!



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